Vintage Steamer Trunk Decorating Ideas!

There are so many useful ways to use a vintage steamer trunk to decorate your place. If your house is country to modern a vintage steamer trunk will look awesome! I found a few ways people decorate with a steamer trunk to show you… use it as a side table, at the foot of your bed, as a coffee table. It’s also great for extra storage! Store games, toys or blankets wonderfully! The last steamer trunk photo in this post if from Pottery Barn and costs over $500! And a little tip on styling them for your house… add some coffee table books, a plant, and an accessory like candles on a tray you can even add a little throw blanket on top and voila, you got yourself some instant style 🙂  Oh I also found a vintage steamer trunk on the Wedding Chicks blog today! HERE ..


I also stumbled upon a fun styled photo of a vintage jewelry box like the ones I have for sale!


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